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Title: Registration
Post by: jeff on 07-Mar-2005, 11:01:40
Because of problems with spam postings, you need to register before posting here.

With the move to the new SMF forum software on 21-Jul-2008, I am hopeful that the spam bots will finally be defeated. Accordingly, I have taken off the condition that I personally needed to authorise any new member, which was unfortunately necessary with the previous software I was using.

So all you have to do now is register, then click on the link in the email you will be sent to activate your account and start posting.

Title: Re: Registration
Post by: jeff on 11-Jun-2010, 12:14:34
Because of repeated spam attempts, and the low use of this forum by genuine posters, I have today disabled registration completely.

If you have a problem or comment to make, and you are not an existing member, please email me at jeff AT enborne DOT f2s DOT com (email address disguised to avoid bots!).
Title: Re: Registration
Post by: jeff on 29-Mar-2011, 09:36:50
After opening registration again for a short time, I have had to close it down again due to floods of spam attempts.

Again, if you wish to join the forum, please email me with your user name and valid email address. I will then add you to the membership and supply a temporary password which you should then change.
Title: Re: Registration
Post by: jeff on 12-Jul-2012, 20:22:25
I have added some additional anti-spam measures which appear to be working, so yet again the forum is open for registration!