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Spine / Re: Trojan Horse
« Last post by KMorgan on 10-Aug-2008, 12:01:04 »

Yes AVG free v8.0, maybe it has just recently been put in the definitions file.

Spine / Re: Trojan Horse
« Last post by jeff on 10-Aug-2008, 11:30:03 »
Are you using AVG? Because I had an email from someone today reporting exactly the same thing. There are variants of the SHeur trojan listed in the TrendMicro database, but not this particular one.

The only thing I can think of is that this file (1,003 KB) was built with some free packaging software I found while my main PC was away being mended. The current version, built with my usual packager (WinZip SE) is 429 KB, so that freebie carries a lot of baggage in any case - perhaps AVG found a signature somewhere.

Thanks for the report - please delete that file. I'm no virus expert, but it shouldn't have done any damage... It's significant that these two reports have come at the same time long after the file was made available, and no problem was flagged at the time.
Spine / Trojan Horse
« Last post by KMorgan on 09-Aug-2008, 22:46:32 »

FYI I've just run a virus scan on both my laptop and desktop computers.  Both came up with trojan horse SHeur.CAFE located in the Temp file spine40.exe


p.s. v4.5 very good  :)
Spine / Re: V4.4 Thoughts
« Last post by jeff on 07-Aug-2008, 17:52:07 »
Just an update - the next release (V4.5) will be out shortly:

  • The button to take you to the NATS login page is implemented and works well.
  • Task definition and plotting is almost finished.
  • Aerodrome Notams now removed from output if not requested.
  • View selection by scope removed - should not have been put in.
  • Plotting of Notam-only Danger Areas now gets the correct shape.

Spine / Re: V4.4 Thoughts
« Last post by jeff on 06-Aug-2008, 12:07:12 »
How about a button that opens the NATS notam web page?

Great idea! It would just need to link to the login page.
Spine / Re: V4.4 Thoughts
« Last post by KMorgan on 06-Aug-2008, 11:46:23 »

How about a button that opens the NATS notam web page? Spine could then be the starting point for all the required actions.

I've obviously only used v4.4 a very few times but I find I am opening Spine, selecting Load, and then thinking - oops I need to update this file.  Then I go to IE, favourites, etc.  If there was a NATS button on the "source" panel it would be a handy shortcut.

Very glad Spine is back.

Spine / Re: V4.4 Thoughts
« Last post by KMorgan on 05-Aug-2008, 20:52:18 »

Tried again paying more attention and the dates/times are correct.  Obviously went wrong somewhere first time round.

Really like the feature where the cursor on the plot brings up the applicable notam details on the main page.

Spine / Re: V4.4 Thoughts
« Last post by jeff on 05-Aug-2008, 19:34:08 »
Thanks Keith - I will summarise our email conversation below. It's good to get feedback regarding the changed layout.

Concerning your brief for the Scottish FIR: I chose an area brief, changed the "To" date from the 6th to the 8th, entered the FIR as EGPX and saved the result. I got the boundary dates in Spine as from 5th to 8th as expected.

So I am not sure what you did: if you just asked for the bog-standard EGPX FIR brief, then you'll only get the default 24-hour brief as there is no facility with that brief for changing the from and to dates/times. So I am not clear what the problem is. Perhaps I missed something.

There is no Spine server as such. When you run Spine on your computer, it checks the update area on my site to see if there is anything new program-wise to download, but that's it. Spine has the limited facility to download files from the internet: the pre-prepared 24-hour PIB is an example. It cannot log in to the site as they have made it a very complex procedure now (early versions of Spine did log in before the PIB became available - but it was a simple thing to do then).

Concerning our earlier email exchange: you commented that there seemed to be a problem with the Scope view excluding Aerodrome-only NOTAMs, but having them still included in the output. This was my response:

Actually, there are two bugs in there: a design bug and a crashing-type bug. For the second, deselect all scope views and you'll see what I mean.

The design bug is that I shouldn't have put view selection by scope in in the first place and I have ripped it out again in the next version. A view doesn't determine what goes into the output - it lets you see what part of the output you want to. So if you choose to view all included Notams, you should see just that, and not some of them additionally filtered by scope.

And yes, I can have just noticed that if you choose the Area brief, you can get Notams which are scope A only. I need to add an auto-delete feature for these when Aerodrome Notams are not selected in the Filter options.
Spine / V4.4 Thoughts
« Last post by KMorgan on 05-Aug-2008, 17:15:07 »

As requested I'm replying on the forum.

I find the new layout much cleaner and it only takes a few seconds to rediscover the various options.

I think most people will use this like me.  Download an area or FIR brief so that all the notams are there then count on Spine to do the appropriate filtering.  Personally I only filter by range.  I like to quickly cast my eye over the autodeleted ones just in case.

I have loaded a Scottish FIR area brief for Friday 8 Aug and notice that the view from/until windows at the top still reflect the limited time span of the PIB download.  Does this mean that when using a personally generated brief the date/time is not being looked at?  I do appreciate that when using Spine in this way I am just using it as a viewer and should know what day it concerns.

Given that you have now arranged for an area or FIR brief to be parsed, is there perhaps a clever way for the Spine server to log itself into the NATS web site once per hour and generate itself a brief for the next three days?  Just a thought.

Spine / Re: Airfield Notams
« Last post by jeff on 03-Aug-2008, 10:49:09 »
V4.4 has just been released. This allows you to process NOTAM briefs saved from the AIS web site, as well as the quick download. The AIS briefs contain Aerodrome NOTAMs.

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