Author Topic: EGCT Tilstock wrong coordinates  (Read 4584 times)

Phil King

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EGCT Tilstock wrong coordinates
« on: 05-Aug-2012, 22:19:14 »
Hi Jeff,

I have noticed a minor problem with EGCT Tilstock airfield.  It is plotted near Bridgnorth.  It should be about 30 miles further north near Whitchurch.  The coordinates are shown as N52 33.60  W002 23.40.  They should be N52 55.93  W002 38.83.

Thanks Phil King


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Re: EGCT Tilstock wrong coordinates
« Reply #1 on: 22-Aug-2012, 13:25:12 »
Sorry Phil, for not replying earlier. I will sort this out.

Edit: I checked and there are quite a few (different) coordinates given, but much closer to yours than the one I had, and one is exactly the same. I will issue an update.
Edit #2: It now plots at the centre of the Tilstock parachute zone, which comes from another file, so that is good confirmation!
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