Author Topic: Airspace Conversion Programme  (Read 7693 times)


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Airspace Conversion Programme
« on: 04-Aug-2005, 22:36:48 »
TP select is a fab programme, and I'm a power user of the features.  One thing I have noticed is that there is no equivalent airspace conversion programme say from TIM Newport Peace - to Open Air - to Winpilot etc... now this would be GREAT!


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Airspace Conversion Programme
« Reply #1 on: 09-Aug-2005, 16:18:09 »
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I don't have time at the moment to work on an airspace conversion program, both for personal reasons and time taken up with other current projects.

Note that you can get special use airspace files in both T N-P and OpenAir format from the BGA Turning Point Exchange site

Also, WinPilot actually uses OpenAir format.